Cardia Bioplastics provides a range of off the shelf biodegradable and compostable bags direct to the market under the brands Cardia Compostable and Cardia Biohybrid. These products are produced within our own manufacturing facilities using our patented resins. All environmental claims have been verified by internationally reputable third party laboratories and certification agencies.


Cardia Bioproducts’ custom finished goods

As a service to customers, the Cardia Bioproducts team offers design, development and production of ready to use finished goods, such as custom film and bag products.

This service is ideal for customers that are:

• New to the sustainable products sector
• Want to trial new goods
• Need assistance to timetable a change to producing goods made from sustainable resources
• Need assistance in the design of print and use of inks without compromising for compostability
• Customers requiring rollstocks of film for further conversion into products

With our focus on individual customer needs, you can choose whether your Cardia Bioproducts finished goods are manufactured from Cardia BiohybridTM or Cardia Compostable resins.