Cardia Bioplastics is a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of sustainable resins derived from renewable resources. Our Biohybrid and compostable resins deliver packaging and plastics products with a lower carbon footprint.


Established in 2002 as Biograde Limited, we have expanded rapidly to become Cardia Bioplastics, a global business with head quarters and Research and Development Centre in Melbourne, Australia, and manufacturing plants in China and Malaysia. 


We also have offices in the Americas, and a network of leading distributors across Australia, the Americas, Europe and Asia. Our key people are skilled bioplastics industry leaders widely recognised for their sustainable resins expertise.


Growth for our business is fuelled by the global trend towards sustainable packaging. We hold a strong patent portfolio and a track record for creating innovative products based on our proprietary technology. 



Society’s perception and opinion about single-use plastic packaging is evolving and as a result, the demand for packaging that has a clear sustainability value is increasing, marking a trend of innovation in the application of these materials.


Our team is dedicated to finding viable solutions for a transition from conventional plastics to more circular materials, such as compostable bioplastics. We are currently innovating in various applications such as:


  • E-commerce packaging
  • Resins and films for high speed food wrapping
  • Higher renewable content resins and films
  • High barrier resins and films
  • Pallet and bundle wrapping films


The norms and laws of various countries are changing to promote compostable materials and their disposal. This drives the businesses, distributors and consumers of bags to migrate to these sustainable products. Some examples of regulatory standards that countries have adopted to support the shift to compostable bioplastics are: 


  • US Standard ASTM D6400 
  • Australian Standard – AS 4736 
  • European Norm: EN 13432 
  • Mexican Norm NMX-E-NYCE-273-2019 
  • Chilean legislation  Ley  21.100 
  • Colombian legislation  PL-2019-0724 

Our mission is to be the international leader in the supply of technically advanced sustainable resins made from renewable resources.