Derived from renewable resources, Cardia Compostable resins are soft touch, colourable and printable. We can develop compounds for specific customer needs and offer a base compostable resin range. Typical compostable resin applications include:

  • Flexible Films to 120 microns – Mulch film, over wrap, shrink wrap, shopping bags, waste bags
  • Coating and Laminates – Cartons, indoor signage
  • Blow mouldings – Containers, bottles

This high performance range has a wide processing and application window as detailed on the Cardia Biohybrid™ data sheets. These resins are colourable and printable, and can be converted on your existing equipment to make these typical applications:

  • Films – Over wrap, shrink wrap, shopping bags, waste bags
  • Injection mouldings – Closures, utensils, pens
  • Blow mouldings – Bottles, containers
  • Extrusions – Thermoformed trays, foam sheet, sheet, profiles
  • Coatings – Cartons, indoor signage

Cardia Bioplastics gives you the marketing edge over competing suppliers. You can offer your customers a sustainable choice in a market that is now placing increasing value on environmentally sound options.